The New Beats - Groovin Out on Life


The Newbeats "Groovin' (Out on Life)" (1970)

Practically everyone knows The Newbeats for their 1964 hit, "Bread And Butter." Hardly anyone knows them for this obscure single titled "Groovin' (Out on Life)." While this may be the case, for some strange reason, this record became somewhat of a hit in Hawaii. It was played on several radio stations and I distinctly remember the record being played at an 8th grade dance we had at school..hehe. This is a good song and fits perfectly in the mode of soft rock records that were popular in the early 1970s.

The 45 I have was issued on the band's longtime original label, Hickory Records out of Nashville Tennessee. In some kind of marketing ploy, they issued "Bread And Butter" as this single's b-side. I am pretty sure that this is an original issue as Joel Whitburn's Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits lists the original "Bread And Butter" single with a different catalog number.

The song was revived by the reggae group UB40 on their "Labor of Love II" CD in 1989.

CD AVAILABILITY: This song was recently released to CD on a Newbeats compilation. Do a search for it on

The Newbeats

"Grovin' (Out On Life)" b/w "Bread And Butter"
Arranged by Bergan White, Produced by Don Gant
"Groovin" written by Bobby Charles
Catalog No: 45-P-1552 Hickory Records


45 rpm Heaven


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