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USAF F-15 Thunderbirds
Taken by Mel, September 2007 in Honolulu Hawaii. More photos at Flickr.

  • Thunderbirds in Hawaii Slideshow (added Sept. 2009)

    Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767-300
    Taken by Mel, August 2008, Honolulu International Airport. More photos at Flickr.

    Aloha Airlines jet at Barber's Point. More photos are at the Airliners.Net website.

  • Planes and Things That Fly


    I've had several photos published to the Airliners.Net database of plane spotting pictures from around the world. I am not a plane spotter, but I do enjoy looking at photos of airliners from around the world. My small contribution to that website can be found at these links: Airliners.Net and MyAviation.net. Many more airplane and aviation photos that I took in the last 3 years are now posted to my Flickr photo site under Airlines & Aviation.


    Mel's Internet Universe Weblog Posts on Airlines
    I've blogged over the past 2 years on the local airline industry.

    Story: Aborted Landing of Aloha Airlines Flight 241
    It was a nice sunny day on November 27, 2004 at Honolulu International Airport

    A Day On Board the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan (aircraft carrier)

    HNL Rare Birds Blog

    See also Runway Lengths at Hawaii's Civilian Airports at HawaiiDocuments.com.


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